How we do our maps

Hi! We are really glad that you are interested in our maps! We make maps because we love geography and art. This short text explain how we make our cartographies:

This are old maps restored and combined with modern elevation data digitally-rendered (printed in 2D, maps are flat to touch), created to show the relief of the places in a vintage and contemporary way, giving them a new perspective.

Relief is obtained from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and we use some softwares and techniques to make the maps look like they have a real relief. Some maps do not have an old base. They are just stylized to look like antique or modern maps. Other maps, such as those of the moon and planets and world maps can also go through this process too.

Making these maps is not an easy thing. But to sum up, what we do can be seen in the image below: