Are these 3D maps?

No, these are NOT 3D maps. They are 2D flat prints that resemble 3D maps. You cannot touch or feel any relief, even if you purchase a framed map.

Are all labels and captions legible?

There is NO guarantee that small captions and labels will be legible. You may not be able to read the text, especially in shaded and mountainous areas, depending on the size of the map. These are DECORATIVE maps.

Are these maps scientific or useful for study?

They are NOT for study, reference, or close-ups. They look nice on walls and make great gifts, but their purpose is purely decorative, something to be viewed as a whole.


We offer several payment options, including as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. We hope to have more options soon. If you are unable to make the payment send us a message here or to our e-mail info@thinkaboutmaps.com

Local Taxes

Taxes are based on the destination location. It depends on your country/state. Some local taxes may apply.

Wrong or Damaged Prints

Sometimes, we use the services of a specialized company to print and send out the maps, depending on where you live. This makes the process faster. Considering this, I cannot inspect all maps before they are sent. Please let me know if you have any problems with your map.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! And we offer free shipping worldwide!

Retail Prices and Packages

Retail prices are never displayed on shipping labels but, in compliance with shipping regulations, they can be displayed on the outside of packages when items are shipped internationally.

Gift Message

We can include gift messages on the outside of packages. Just leave your message in the cart box at checkout before placing your order. Gift messages will be automatically printed on the shipping label.

Where can I find my tracking number?

An automatic email is sent to you when the package is shipped. Please send us a message if you do not receive it.

Yellowed Areas

Some maps may contain yellowed or smudged areas (including borders). This occurs because we create maps based on very old maps, and it may be impossible to remove these yellowed areas. It is not a printing issue.

Do you make custom maps?

We are accepting custom orders. We do not charge extra fees for creating custom maps, but making a map depends on the availability of old maps and data. It may be impossible to create a good map of your state/province/island/country.

Verifying Your Address

Please check your information and address before placing your order. This can avoid many problems. There have been cases where customers have provided an address of another state, for example.

How long does fulfillment take?

2-7 business days from January to October and 2-10 in November and December.

Holidays Deadlines

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that you will receive your map before the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). We do our best, but once packages are in the hands of the carriers, it depends on their capacity.

Place your order before the dates below for a better chance of receiving it before the Holidays:

USA: Thanksgiving – November 12. Christmas – December 12.
Europe and Canada: Thanksgiving – November 3. Christmas – December 3.
Other countries: Thanksgiving – November 1. Christmas – December 1.